The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy offers a program in which faculty and students work together in a lively environment that enables the student to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the practice of psychotherapy. Training is seen as multidimensional, involving three essential elements: academic studies, experiential learning, and individual psychotherapy.

Academic Studies: A solid theoretical background in the central issues of psychotherapy is essential to effective practice. For that reason, the CTP offers a wide-ranging series of lectures, seminars and reading concentrations.

Experiential Learning: The experience of the psychotherapy process in all its phases is necessary for anyone who is to work as a psychotherapist. The CTP’s  psychotherapy training groups, clinical seminars and case supervision program offer the student the kind of intense, direct involvement that meets these needs.

Individual Psychotherapy: To work effectively as a therapist, one must have undergone a thorough individual psychotherapy. One of the main tasks of psychotherapy is to discover how unconscious elements are a help or hindrance to creative living. The capacity to understand unconscious processes and to recognize their presence in the psychotherapy session cannot be developed without the experience of psychotherapy.

Diploma: The diploma of The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP Dipl) is awarded to those who have completed the requirements of both phases of its diploma program: the Foundation Phase and the Clinical Phase. The diploma student must complete the requirements of the Foundation Phase before entering the Clinical Phase.

A certificate of psychodynamic studies is awarded to a student who choses to complete only the academic requirements of the Foundation Phase.

An initial information interview with a CTP faculty member is required and can be arranged by e-mailing us at the address found on the Admissions page. This interview is intended to answer questions and to explore the potential applicant’s suitability for the program. If encouraged to apply, the applicant can then make arrangements to attend a Monday evening Foundation lecture in order to experience CTP faculty and students together in a learning situation. The applicant is encouraged to speak with students in the coffee break that evening to elicit their experiences of the CTP.

If the applicant decides to proceed with the application to the CTP the deadline is May 15th.  The application is provided during the initial information interview.

The CTP is located at 21 Randolph Ave, Toronto, Ontario.