Admission to CTP

People interested in entering the program and who have informed themselves by investigating the CTP website are invited to an interview with a faculty member. If this mutually informing session leads to a decision to proceed with the admission process, the applicant is asked to prepare an autobiography and to submit two letters of reference. The applicant is also instructed to expect individual interviews with three other faculty members who will have read their submissions. The deadline for applying is May 15th. 

 Admission to CTP requires at the outset:

1.      A bachelor degree or exception for mature student status

2.      80 hours of psychodynamic therapy with a therapist of the applicant’s choice

3.     For more detailed Admission information please see: CTP Admission Manual

4.      For more detailed Program information please see: CTP Program Manual

The interviewing process described below applies to all applicants whether with a bachelor degree or equivalent status.

 A committee of four interviewing faculty attempt to determine mature status in those applicants who do not have a bachelor degree. What is their present educational level? Do they have the capacity to learn clinical theory at an advanced level, to think critically and dialogically and to communicate? Interviewers try to discern the applicant’s life experience, moral strengths, emotional intelligence and interest in others. The interviewing process attempts to evaluate what the applicant brings to the training.

Interviewers are guided by all of the above criteria during their conversations with applicants who have a bachelor degree.

The four interviewing faculty members meet to arrive at a recommendation as to the applicant’s suitability for CTP, and present it to the faculty for discussion and a formal vote.

The first two years of the program, the Foundation Phase, operates in effect as a continuation of the admissions process in that it continues to clarify and reveal to all students their capacities and suitability for practicing psychotherapy as well as their continuing desire to do so.

A second evaluation by students and faculty working together determines admission into the Clinical Phase.

To arrange for an interview with a faculty member please E-Mail us at