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The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy is a major Canadian resource for information and training related to psychotherapy.

The CTP offers an unusual long-term part-time program in which faculty and students work together in a lively environment that enables the student to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the practice of psychotherapy.

The duration and intensity of the CTP program ensure that our graduates experience in themselves those deeper levels of personal growth that prove vital in helping their clients to grow and develop.

The CTP has a long and distinguished history of contributions to psychotherapy. Opened as a training institute in 1986, the school has graduated 176 professional psychotherapists as of June 2018. The majority of our graduates have gone on to establish individual practices and therapy centres of their own.

This web site has been designed both to give you information about the CTP program, and also to provide a wide range of information about psychotherapy, with useful links to other sites.