CTP Graduation Address 2015

Philip McKenna

I recently received my RP certificate online and this led me to imagine what it would be like for you if the CTP Diploma arrived in an email.
I’m sure it would be a significant moment for each of you to see your diploma at last—yet the moment would be essentially…


CTP Graduation Address 2014

Good evening everyone and a special good evening to our guests of honour, our 7 graduands, Ali, Diana, Jenny, Jo-Anne, Kusum, Miriam and Ulyanna.
The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario will be declared, we believe, perhaps, sometime this fall, perhaps October 1st – ish. Proclamation…


CTP Graduation Address 2013

Cathleen Hoskins

Tonight marks an annual celebration at CTP, a joyous
occasion, which this year honours six women who, each in
her own way, has climbed the Mount Everest of her own
living world…. That may sound grandiose…


CTP Graduation Address 2012

Jackie Herner

Dear Graduates, family and friends of graduates, Faculty Club hosts and colleagues. It is with great pleasure that I have the privilege of speaking tonight on the occasion of the graduation of these five accomplished individuals, Kristin, Kristina, Philip, Linden and Susan…


CTP Graduation Address 2011

Philip McKenna

Tom, Jackie, Betty, Hina, Marjorie, Yola, Deborah, Nick, Sally.
It’s nine years since I last had the privilege of addressing the graduating group of therapists. As the CTP approaches its 25th anniversary, we can celebrate with joy the strength of a school that can help to bring…


CTP Graduation Address 2010

Dear graduates, family and friends of graduates,dear hosts at the Faculty Club,dear colleagues – and as colleagues I address everyone at CTP, from the first year of training to faculty members, as colleagues…


CTP Graduation Address 2007

Cathleen Hoskins

One night recently I went to sleep wondering what I might speak about at graduation. When I woke up, the first word I remembered was simply Acourage.@ Was this my way of encouraging my own challenge to write this talk or was this word a stone on the path of what…


CTP Graduation Address 2006

Adam Crabtree


Looking forward to tonight I found myself thinking about my sister Marya’s graduation from Chiropractic College in Minnesota many years ago. It took me a little while to see what had put me in mind of that occasion, and I’ll get…


CTP Graduation Address 2005

Cathleen Hoskins

In the next few minutes of this special evening, I will speak, on behalf of the entire faculty of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy, to honour the nine women and three men who are graduating in 2005. This is a privilege, a delight and a challenge. The challenge lies in the many and various ways that I have grown…


CTP Graduation Address 2002

Philip McKenna

What an amazingly rich and diverse group of graduates we honour here this evening! As I say your names—Robin, Coleen, Patricia, Janis, Penny, Jeri, Larry, Mung-Ling—I am aware that these personal names acknowledge in this room the presence…