Sigmund Freud 

IEPThe Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s Freud entry




US Library of Congress  an on-line exhibit on Freud and his ideas.






This paper provides interesting pre-psychoanalytical abstract of Intersubjectivity



First published in the Journal of Phenomenological Psychology, this is Jon Mills’s paper “The False Dasein: From Heidegger to Sartre and Psychoanalysis.”
Good introduction to Medard Boss
P. Erik Craig’s “The Phenomenological Use of Dreams In Psychotherapy”


William James


WJ1This is the web site for the William James Society





Carl Jung

CJ1Carl Jung (1875-1961) is truly one of the great minds of psychology. Jung was a close colleague of Freud, in fact,

Freud himself considered Jung to be his theoretical heir, thus casting himself in a father-like role with Jung as the crowned prince of psychoanalysis.


Object Relations

Object relation Theorists


Sexuality and Gender

Sexuality, Gender and Sexual Orientation by Sharon Bedard


Sandor Ferenczi