I learned my Freud from the writings of both Freuds, Sigmund and Anna, and from Melanie Klein and Wilhelm Reich. In time these readings led quite naturally to Fairbairn, Guntrip, Winnicott and Bowlby. Three years in Zurich gave Jung a lasting place in my psyche.

Returning to Toronto, spirited dialogue with Joel Whitton opened me to Kohut and the post-Kohutians, notably Storlorow, Lachmann, Atwood and Brandchaft.

Anna Binswanger introduced me to Daniel Stern as a necessary complement to Margaret Mahler. Irigaray whispers in my ear through the mediation of Cathleen Hoskins and Bev Witton. Among the interpersonalists, I began with Sullivan, then on to Levenson, Mitchell and Greenberg.

These authors, and others too numerous to list here, help me find words for the psychotherapeutic education I have received from my patient clients since I began this exciting, demanding, frustrating work some thirty years ago.